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What Blinds are Suitable for your Kitchen?

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· 25th January 2014

What Blinds are Suitable for your Kitchen?

green vertical kitchen blindsSome people regard their kitchen as the heart of their home. Where family and friends gather to eat, drink and socialise; you can easily end up spending more time here than in other rooms of the house. It goes without saying then that you want to have a nice, stylish and comfortable kitchen for you and your guests to feel relaxed in – clearly you don’t want to find yourself feeling embarrassed by your old and tatty blinds.

But before you go and rush into buying the first pair of blinds you find, you need to carefully consider the requirements and conditions of the environment they will be in.

When cooking, kitchens can become very humid and warm places full of moisture. Food can easily be splattered which can lead to staining and require more cleaning, so you need to buy a blind that allows for all of these yet can still look tidy and presentable to complement the rest of your kitchen.

Our Recommendations for Kitchen Blinds

Avoid Wood

We recommend that you avoid wooden blinds. Wood cannot withhold high temperatures that a kitchen will encounter on a daily basis. But if you like the look of wooden blinds then opt for a roller blind in faux wood. They have exactly the same appearance as real wood but are less likely to warp in the heat. They are also cheaper than wooden blinds and are much easier to wipe clean if there are any spillages or stains.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are easy to function but their fabric materials are not the best for keeping clean. But if you like the roller blind style they can be coated in vinyl or fibreglass which are flame retardant, so if a spark should land on your blind it will not cause any further damage. These coatings also allow for continuous wiping without damaging the quality of the material (as long as water is used and not detergents).

Vertical & Venetian

Vertical and Venetian blinds are also popular choices for kitchen blinds as they offer a stylish finish to your room. If you are interested in these blind styles then we recommend you opt for aluminium in the Venetian and vinyl in the vertical style. They can both withhold the heat from a kitchen and still keep their shape and can both be easily wiped clean for a longer lasting blind.


With the right type of blinds you will find them much easier to maintain in the long run as they are easier to clean. They simply require wiping down or vacuuming to remove dust and dirt and wiping with a damp cloth to get rid of unwanted stains from spillages. So, protect your blinds from the wear and tear and grease and grime of your kitchen and give them a longer life by investing in the right choice window blinds for your kitchen.

For more information on made to measure blinds for your kitchen and home, please get in touch with Angel Blinds and Shutters today. 

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